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Newest eurolaser G3 in our plant

Recently, our warehouses have been equipped with modern laser machine produced by the German brand eurolaser- our longstanding collaborator. We appreciate their machines in view of the possibility of long usage but also functions that other devices do not have. The new CO2 XL3200 laser replaced our previous model XL1200. We are aware that needs of the market are constantly changing. It is our goal to come into line with them and adopt ourselves to requirements of our industry. Two of our laser machines: XL3000 and XL3200 allow us to cut various shapes and to engrave full plates of Plexiglass to maximum size of 2050x3050mm and thickness up to 30mm. Precision and accuracy of 0.2mm are the aspects which single our new purchase out.

The purchase of the new laser was determined not only by periodic modernization of machines but also by its unique additional function. Laser is equiped with optical recognition system, Automatic camera detection enables printed materials to be cut out precisely along the printed outline.

Contra can be proud of the biggest laser machine park for cutting acrylics in Poland. We owe our success to long-lasting experience and cooperation with the best technology partners from all over the World. We bet on European quality which is often not appreciated by Polish companies. Instead, it gives us possibility to create the stable business, offering production and distribution of high-quality plastic products. Our well-qualified staff manage the excellent equipped machine park. Purchase of the new laser XL3200 is the step further in even more increased capability and reaching better effects. We can guarantee that we will not end up with this. Each novelty appearing on the market is investigated and well-checked by us. We are aware of our needs and moreover, we know what can help us to offer even better service for You.