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Natural environment – Our partner

We are well aware that we owe a lot to natural enviroment. That is why we try to support the environment and do our best to manage production waste, take care about surroundings and damages which they caused.

With full responsibility, we can call ourselves Eco Company. All of our actions are in line with the law and support natural environment. All of our waste products are passed to external companies to re-processing. We do not want them to affect damages of natural environment. Plastic offered by us, which are Plexi, Polycarbonate, PVC, Polystyrene, Polyester and Polypropylene, are ground and re-processed again.

What about our waste product?

As has already been mentioned, we pass them to external companies, which work on processing of waste. Thereafter, they are used for production of other injection moulded technical products. It is nothing more than production of plastic using injection moulding. Material granulate is melt and compress. Finally, it is poured into appropriate mould where is formed in specific shape.

Contra is environment-friendly company. Using our service, you support ecology with us. We do our best to extract 100% potential of the surrounding World. Moreover, we try not to be a threat and not to deprive it of valuable goods. If you also want to be “eco” and support our environment – we will help you. Due to longstanding contacts with many companies, we are able to take care of your waste as well. If you want to utilize your products we offer help. Contact us! We will advise you what to do and where you can use such service. Pointing to our company, you can benefit from the offers of the best companies. Together we can achieve more!